Thursday, October 4, 2007

New Phone System

Well, it looks like we've decided on a new phone system for Calvary. For a very long time, (7+ years is an eternity technically), we've had an Inter-Tel PBX. This was a great solution when we first started leasing it, and had room for growth. However, being a proprietary system, the handsets are $$$, and we've now hit the limit of our current growth without moving on to a new long-term lease.

When we launched our West Campus, we went ahead and "tried" a Switchvox SOHO system. It's an Asterisk-based VoiP PBX, which means they are using the Asterisk OpenSource code and adding on enhancements (and they have support for cheap). We've been very happy with our SOHO system out there, and are making the switch to a complete SMB system here at Mid-Rivers. This will allow us to "peer" the 2 campus' together (direct campus-to-campus extensions!), along with giving us many options our users haven't experienced. We've decided to go ahead with the Polycom phones that Switchvox bundles (and sets up for you).

This whole process has been very easy, and the folks at Switchvox have had great sales and stellar support (even before the sale). The best thing about all of this is that in the process we're doing a better job of being good stewards with God's money!