Saturday, February 16, 2008

VLAN's, what to do?

So as part of some new additions to the network, we're now in need of some VLAN's.

The problem is, this now means that we have some work ahead, and also have a bit of a conundrum. We have one switch (HP 2224) that does not support VLAN tagging, but will pass VLAN's on. We also have a couple points in the building where we've had to deploy small, cheap switches (because ports don't work anymore, or we suddenly need more network drops where it's hard to run more cable).

Here's the VLAN planning that I came up with (this is the ideal, candy-coated world):

1 - Default
5 - Management
10 - Servers
19 - Printers (is there a reason to not put the printers on my "Main Office", #21, VLAN?)
20 - VOIP
21 - Main Office
22 - Finance
23 - Information Kiosks (semi-public computers, domain-limited internet terminals)
24 - Video Equipment (editors, etc.)
25 - ACS Check-in
26 - Private WiFi
26 - Worship Arts Department (they have some special needs besides standard office computers)
30 - Site-to-Site VPN
100 - Public WiFi

So, any suggestions, things I should watch out for, change, etc.?

Friday, February 15, 2008

New Switch!

Well, it looks like I'm gonna average 1 post/month for the beginning of 2008. That's not good! Hopefully I'll have some more this month (I have plenty to blog about).

We got a new switch in today, an HP ProCurve 2900-24G (way to go eBay!). Here's some pics:

That's a great pic with my Treo650's camera. The 4 ports on the right are optional SFP slots.
The switch is the item in the foreground (not the HD-cam in the back!).

Here's one showing off the back ports (10Gig-E for stacking!!!):

This is part of a "kiosk" project I'm working on. More details later (after I make more progress in pulling cables!).