Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Google Apps Scripting


We've been a happy Google Apps customer now for about 3 months. The experience has been positive in every way that I've seen so far.

In my free moments, I often look at our growth over the next years, and in the process I'm re-evaluating the way we do all kinds of things: email, phones, internal communication, security, usernames, etc. This brings up a good point in the case of Google Apps:

  • How do I handle the "scripting" and other abilities that you get with a piece of software like Microsoft Exchange? Does Google Apps have the ability to use a language for automation of certain tasks (ala using scripts to do Active Directory tasks). I know that you can use scripts to help automate the tasks associated with creating new users, etc.
  • Google Apps has their API for a Single Sign On implementation. We haven't implemented this yet, but what limitations are there to this model? I would love to implement SSO across our "enterprise" (of about 85 computers ;) However, I'm currently facing all kinds of hurdles here: Database username restrictions, old habits, standards creation...
  • How do you handle and maintain changes across your complete domain with a web-app like Google Apps? Does anyone using a SaaS product like FellowshipOne have any experiences with multi-user changes (without having to go through each one at a time)?

How do you approach the "unification" issues in your organization? Does management at the higher levels make a decision? Does it kind of grow over time, unofficially? What approach do you take to admin issues when looking at SaaS type products?