Tuesday, December 23, 2008

ESXi monitoring, for free!

A few months ago I transitioned us from VMware Server to VMware ESXi, booting off of a USB flash drive. If you don't know about server virtualization, VMware ESXi is a great way to get your feet wet, and it's a stable, production-ready (IMO) product.

However, one of the things that eluded me (in both the "Server" flavor and the "ESXi" flavor) was proper monitoring. Sure, I could setup data on each guest VM, but that didn't give me any info on the host.

Fast forward to yesterday, and I hear through the grapevine that Veeam is offering a free ESXi monitoring tool. Go get it here.

I'm just downloading it today, but if it does what the "Features and Benefits" page says, then this will be a new must-have in my toolkit. More updates to come (hopefully) as I try it out.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

HELP: ACS TMS to Facility Scheduler Conversion

One of my current projects at Calvary is to work on moving us to the latest release of the ACS People Suite ( Part of this process is getting all of our ACS The Ministry Scheduler data into ACS Facility Scheduler.

ACS Facility Scheduler is an "on demand" product. This means that all the actual data sits on ACS' servers, and they handle data integrity, backup, etc. for you. Months ago, we looked at converting to Facility Scheduler before ACS 10.0 came out. At the time, there were some issues we had (features missing). So, we waited until those features came out. When they arrived, I had other projects taking precedence, and consequently we rolled it all into the 10.x upgrade.

As part of our upgrade process, I found out that ACS has a great conversion tool to transfer your current ACS TMS data into Facility Scheduler. I first used this tool when we were testing the feature set. Before this 10.x upgrade, I got in touch with one of the ACS people about "resetting" our data so I could re-upload the current data. He kindly let me know that the latest version of the tool had this functionality built in!

However, if you take a look at the ACS Knowledge Base article or Facility Scheduler FAQ on the subject, you find that you can no longer download the conversion tool (and it doesn't show up in the previous "client downloads" section either).


Does anyone out there have the file "tmsconversion.exe" or "ACS_TMS_to_FS_Conversion.exe", the converter to move from The Ministry Scheduler to Facility Scheduler? If so, please shoot me an email: sross *at* calvaryonline.cc