Thursday, February 18, 2010

AccessACS and Switchvox integration, iteration 1

Recently I've been helping one of our volunteers, Rick, to integrate Switchvox (our phone system) with AccessACS (part of our Church Database/ChMS). I’m the big picture guy (Michael Scott), and he’s the day-to-day guy (Jim Halpert).

Well, when I first tweeted about this, I got quite a bit of good feedback, and even more asking for examples/documentation. Well the day has come, and below is the information that Rick has passed along to me:

  • We have this setup on an IIS server that is *only* available internally.
  • Switchvox sends the callerid info, etc. using their 'switchboard' functionality to the IIS server
  • Rick packaged up a Visual Studio project that you can download here which includes his work, etc.

Instructions to setup ACSPanel.
1.    Setup a folder called ACSPanel as a virtual directory on IIS.

2.    Set directory permissions in IIS to allow Anonymous Access.

3.    From the attached zip file, copy only the files from  the 'Install' subdirectory to the new web directory. The top level of the directory should have folders called 'bin' and 'Web References' in it.   Note that this folder also contains a Visual Studio 2008 solution file in it if you want to make changes to the code.  Although it hasn't been tested, it is possible that you can use the free version of Visual Studio to make changes.

4.    Edit the web.config and change the following:

a.    AccessACSSecurityId: Set this to the SecurityId assigned to you by ACS. This is the longer cryptic token, typically 24 characters.

b.    AccessACSSiteId: Set this to your ACS SiteId.  This is usually a 6-digit number.

5.    Setup this site up as a panel in ACS.  The URL to the panel will be: http://YourServerName/ACSPanel/Default.aspx?CallerId={CallerIdFromSwitchVox}

If you want to see some of Rick’s coding genius, you can always check out his technical blog (way above my head)