Friday, October 14, 2011

Remote OS X Canon PS Driver lookup

We use Canon Copiers @ work for our high-quality print jobs. Recently I wanted to lookup what driver version an OS X machine was using. Here's what I did to look up the driver version (only tested for PS/PostScript drivers):

  1. Open up terminal
  2. SSH into the remote machine
    ssh user@machine-name
  3. Authenticate (password etc)
  4. type:
    cat /Library/Printers/Canon/CUPSPS2/Utilities/Canon\ CUPS\ PS2\|more
  5. Look for the section titled
  6. Look for the line that says:
  7. Look at the next line:
    In my case it reads: 3.31
  8. This means that the PS driver version is 3.31
Tip: The reason I looked in /Library/Printers/Canon/CUPSPS2/Utilities/Canon CUPS PS2/ is that there is an App there for Copier monitoring (and Apps on OS X are bundles that typically include plist's and binaries)
  1. Navigate to the Canon directory under Printers
  2. /Library/Printers/Canon
  3. Navigate to the /CUPSPS2/Utilities directory
  4. Navigate inside of 'Canon CUPS PS2'
    cd Canon\ CUPS\ PS2\
  5. Navigate to the 'Contents' folder
  6. Type 'cat Info.plist'

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